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In 2023, Cali Vibes will launch a series of environmental initiatives to account for our emissions, improve waste diversion, and pilot new programs and technologies. Having long cherished our California culture, of epic coastlines, blue ocean waters, and green vibes we stand committed to a future where unsustainable consumption becomes a thing of the past.

With every festival pass, a $5 Sustainability Fee is included to help support these sustainability goals and initiatives. Each contribution is a huge step in growing these ideas, and getting these operations and organizations off the ground. We look forward to making positive change, together.

Our Vibes

  • Provide free reusable cups for all beverages served on-site (if not served in aluminum)
  • Deploy our Green Vibes team to increase recycling & composting efforts
  • Offer complimentary water refill stations throughout the festival
  • Minimize single-use plastics, and eliminate the use of plastic straws
  • Donate unutilized goods and materials to local community partners, and seek out opportunities to recycle & upcycle festival production assets
  • Find opportunities to pilot new ideas and seek out planet-friendly partnerships
  • Work with partners & vendors who support our initiatives
  • Share best practices, educate our employees & friends, and continue to learn, grow and speak up about the impacts of climate change!

Your Vibes

  • Join the BYOBottle team and bring your own reusable water bottle to the festival!
  • Follow all signage on recycling and compost bins to properly dispose of cups, cans, waste, utensils, etc.
  • Minimize your transportation footprint getting to and from the festival
  • Carpool with your buds, use public transportation, ride a bike, etc.
  • Minimize your carbon footprint at home while out enjoying the festival
  • Turn off wifi, lights, and any energy-using appliances if/when possible
  • Share best practices with your friends, family, and fellow festival-goers!


We will work to reduce emissions by finding ways to produce more sustainably, design more efficiently, and reuse existing production and operational assets whenever possible focusing on key impact areas of:

  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Sourcing
  • Transportation

Hiring local helps keep our travel emissions reduced. Our core festival production team, and the majority of our vendors are based in Southern California.




  • We aim to drastically reduce single-use plastic bottles by substituting with aluminum packaging for all water sold at the festival. This switch will eliminate tens of thousands of plastic water bottles.
  • We will have numerous filtered water stations throughout the festival to make refilling your reusable bottle even easier.


  • For 2023, we have partnered with r.Cup to provide reusable cups for all beverages served at Cali Vibes. A leader in single-use waste diversion, r.Cup will be replacing all single-use plastic beverage cups on site. Returning these cups in the designated r.Cup return bins will help ensure these reusable cups continue to reduce waste and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • All food vendors are required to use compostable serviceware including plates, cups, utensils, and straws (when needed).


In 2018, we launched an onsite festival waste management team at our Coachella and Stagecoach Music Festivals to increase the amount of materials we recycle and compost at the festival. In 2019, they helped us divert 94 tons* of mixed recycling and 93 tons* of compost. We look forward to launching the Green Vibes team at Cali Vibes 2023! (*2019 Rounded Figures)

Stay tuned closer to the festival for information on volunteering with the Green Vibes team!


To encourage food waste diversion, we will continue to donate unused / excess food to local non-profits and/or food shelters.

To support our surrounding communities, we will recycle all harvested aluminum from the festival, donating any proceeds to local non-profits or organizations.


Check back here closer to the festival for information about on-site activations, partnerships and test-pilot ideas to look out for on-site!